Monday, March 29, 2010

Texas Man Arrested In $170K Embezzlement Case

Jason Clarence Thomas, 34, of Waco, Texas, was arrested today on charges he embezzled nearly $170,000 from Starcrest Development, a local real estate development concern where he was one of six partners. According to authorities, Thomas wrote a series of checks dating back to March 2002 for his own benefit. The total amount embezzled was $169,642.57, according to investigators. In April 2009, his partners became suspicious and ordered an internal audit. Thomas is also is the owner of Bullseye Glass and the former owner of the now-defunct Mid-Tex Homes. He was arrested on the campus of McLennan Community College where he is now reportedly a nursing student.

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Anonymous said...

This story is Not the Total Truth. I talked to Jason before all of this went down and now he is going to let her get away with the part she had in it. What would you do if she was raising your child Jason? Would you still let her get by with it? Would you want her to raise your children? I Know how spineless you are, but think of the children involved in this. You Know what goes on and has for years. So, You are as guilty as they are. You be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

My second post. YOU know who I am Jason.

Anonymous said...

The June 18th, post was written by Jason Thomas