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The 2013 Marquet Report on Embezzlement Has Been Released

The long overdue 2013 Marquet Report on Embezzlement has finally been released.  A huge amount of effort went into getting this report completed.  The report is chock-a-block with information, statistics and analysis.  We trust that it adds to the knowledgebase around the issue of employee theft.

 Some interesting findings in the 2013 report include:
  • 2013 highest rate of employee theft in 6 years of publishing this report;
  • Vermont tops list of highest risk states for 2013; DC, WV, MT & SD follow Vermont, respectively;
  • Financial institutions, government entities and non-profits hardest hit;
  • Gambling addiction seen as a factor;
  • Credit Unions continue to be frequent victims; and,
  • Forged/unauthorized checks most common scheme employed by embezzlers.
We must thank Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, associate professor at the School of Accountancy and MIS at DePaul University, along with her graduate-level forensic accounting class, Principles of Forensic Accounting.  Dr. Pope and her 40+ graduate students worked tirelessly this past semester to help us gather the data necessary to publish The 2013 Marquet Report on Embezzlement.  Without Dr. Pope and her students’ assistance, we may not have been able to produce this year’s report.  Dr. Pope, an expert in white collar fraud in her own right, is the creator of the award winning educational white-collar crime documentary Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crime and the upcoming documentary All the Queen’s Horses which chronicles the major embezzlement case involving Rita Crundwell and the town of Dixon, Illinois.  I recommend everyone check these out.

Go to and register for access to this report and all of our other white papers, including the prior Marquet Embezzlement Reports or e-mail us at    We encourage feedback, comments, questions, constructive criticisms and suggestions.

Tennessee Woman Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $135K

From The Tennessean on 12/18/2014:

A Lebanon woman has pleaded guilty to two counts of wire fraud and one count of making a false statement to an agent with the U.S. Secret Service in an embezzlement scheme.

Bianca Thompson, 42, is facing up to 25 years in prison after admitting to a scheme to embezzle more than $135,000 from her employer and a client, and lying to the U.S. Secret Service about her actions, according to a Department of Justice news release.

Thompson said while working at Performance Food Group Customized Distribution in Lebanon, she falsely told a client that PFG had made a mistaken payment of more than $135,000 and instructed the client to wire that amount to Thompson’s personal bank account. Thompson converted the funds for personal use, including reducing her personal debts, according to the release.

Thompson also admitted that she concealed from PFG that she had instructed a second client to wire funds to her personal account and that she then used those funds personally.

When confronted about her conduct by the U.S. Secret Service, she lied to agents and said she transferred the funds received from one PFG client to another and said she had not spent any of the funds, according to the release.

She is scheduled for sentencing on March 15.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Texas Man Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $1.7 Million; Spends Loot On Strippers, Escorts & Gambling

From the San Antonio Express-News  on 12/17/2014:

Of the $1.7 million that Bexar Waste employee Michael Dennehy embezzled from the company, most of it went to escorts and gambling, he admitted Wednesday in federal court.

His admission appears to have set the unofficial record in San Antonio held by defendants who spent ill-gotten gains on prostitutes or strippers, some observers have noted. Dennehy, 41, pleaded guilty to a single count of bank fraud, admitting that he forged numerous company checks over six years.

Defense attorney Alan Brown said his client, who is married with five children, succumbed to urges he could not control.

“He did spend it on gambling and on escort services, as the (feds) allege,” Brown said. “I think those are big addictions. He feels remorse and wants to make amends for it.”

Confronted with forged checks and explicit images of his torrid encounters, Dennehy agreed to plead guilty before the FBI and federal prosecutors took his case to a grand jury for indictment, records show. He faces a maximum of 30 years in federal prison when Senior U.S. District Judge David Alan Ezra sentences him March 9.

An FBI affidavit said Bexar Waste hired Dennehy in 2004 as a truck stocker and recycler. In 2008, he was promoted to a position managing accounts payable and began writing checks to himself of $1,200 to $1,800, depositing them into his personal bank accounts, the affidavit said. He also wrote company checks to pay his American Express bills and began stealing larger amounts of money as time went on, the affidavit said.

He used a stamp to forge authorized signatures on the checks and changed the name of the payees in QuickBooks to conceal that the money had gone to him, the affidavit said. The fraud was not detected until this past August, the affidavit said.

Dennehy’s spending spree eclipsed that of Todd C. Seward, who pleaded guilty Nov. 19 to bank fraud and identity theft and admitted that he spent most of the $400,000 he embezzled from a former employer on strippers.


Read the whole story here.

Former Marketing Director Of Security Software Company Pleads Guilty To Embezzling More Than $1 Million

From on 12/17/2014:

A former marketing director for antivirus software maker Symantec has pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $1 million to fund a lifestyle that included vacations in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Florida, authorities said Wednesday.

Lena “Mickey” Jacobs Coombs, 48, of Highland, Utah, entered her plea Tuesday to a single count of wire fraud in U.S. District Court in San Jose. She had originally been indicted on 26 counts of wire fraud and 10 counts of money laundering. She will be sentenced April 1 by Judge Lucy Koh.
Investigators said she stole from the Mountain View company from 2010 to 2012.

She was fired two years ago from her position in Lindon, Utah, a Symantec spokesman has said.
Authorities said Coombs used American Express cards issued by Symantec to pay for personal expenses, including car payments, home remodeling, concerts, child care and a trip to the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

She used company credit cards at hotels in Waikiki Beach and Kapalua, Hawaii; Las Vegas; and at Walt Disney World in Orlando, the indictment said.

She was able to steal the funds by creating a company in Utah called Dart Marketing and Events and falsely claiming that the company had completed marketing activities on Symantec's behalf, authorities said.

She hid her connection to Dart Marketing and falsely told co-workers that another person ran that firm, authorities said.

$100 K Embezzlement From Local Illinois Police Union Cuts Into Charity Giving

From on 12/17/2014:

The alleged theft of about $100,000 from the union representing McLean County sheriff's deputies means causes such as holiday food baskets for families in need and mentoring services for children won't receive their usual funding.
In early August, officers with the McLean County Deputies Fraternal Order of Police No. 176 discovered an alleged embezzlement that wiped out its bank account, Deputy Jeremy Bradley said Tuesday.

"We were depleted," said Bradley, union president since January 2014.

Sheriff Jon Sandage confirmed that an employee suspected of involvement in the matter resigned Aug. 15, and the Bloomington Police Department was asked to investigate.

State's Attorney Jason Chambers said his office recently received investigative reports for review.
The loss has forced Big Brothers Big Sisters of McLean County to scale back its expenses for mentoring programs for the 250 children its serves, said Corey Burrows, chief program officer.

""It's not just our organization as an agency that suffers but our clients,"  said Burrows.


Read the whole story here.

Virginia Woman Sentenced For Embezzling $129K

From the News Leader on 12/15/2014:

A former administrative assistant at a Fishersville doctor's office will spend five years in prison after pleading guilty Monday to stealing more than $129,000 during a three-year period.

Trudie L. Boggs, 46, was convicted on 47 counts of embezzlement in Augusta County Circuit Court.
Gambling, she said, was to blame.

Boggs is a former employee at Augusta Health Neurological Associates. In the summer of 2011, Boggs took business checks from the doctor's office and began writing checks to herself. The thefts continued unabated for three years, according to A. Lee Ervin, the Augusta County Commonwealth's Attorney.

"There were 47 instances of this," Ervin said.

Ervin said Boggs would get copies of the checks from the bank and used correction fluid to hide her name. She would then write the name of a vendor on the checks in an attempt to hide the thefts "so the balance would add up."

Ervin said the scheme unraveled when a doctor checking a payment came across one of the altered checks. An audit was ordered and the discrepancies were soon uncovered.

Given a chance to address the court on Monday, Boggs apologized to the "practice and the doctors."
Boggs said she didn't want to make excuses for the thefts, but admitted, "I had a gambling addiction."
In a plea agreement with the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, she was sentenced to 40 years in prison with 35 years suspended. She also was placed on 35 years of probation and was ordered to pay a total of $129,099 in restitution.

Boggs will remain free through the holidays, but was ordered to report to Middle River Regional Jail on Jan. 2 to await transfer to the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Pennsylvania Couple Charged With Embezzling $105K From Volunteer Fire Department

From the Observer-Reporter on 12/16/2014:

A couple who once controlled the bank account of a volunteer fire department in Centerville enjoyed vacations on cruise ships, trips to casinos and making thousands of dollars of other purchases at the expense of the organization, police allege in court documents.
The accusations led to the Tuesday arrests of Thomas S. Yuratovich, 42, and Rachel Lynne Sargent, 40, on charges they embezzled $105,000 from the Denbo-Vesta 6 Fire Department from February 2013 to March, Centerville police stated in the criminal complaint and affidavit supporting the charges. Yuratovich served as fire department president at the time, while his girlfriend was its treasurer.
“It is vitally important for volunteer organizations to have in place control mechanisms to prevent one individual or two related individuals from having complete access to the group’s assets,” Washington County District Attorney Eugene A. Vittone said, adding it wasn’t the first time this type of theft had occurred at a fire department in the area.
The department’s secretary, Rosalie C. Paci, told borough police Feb. 18 she “suspected that funds were being siphoned, embezzled and, or stolen” from the department’s account at a PNC bank branch. She also said she discovered Yuratovich and Sargent were making bank withdrawals and expenditures at casinos on the account and none of the transactions was for the benefit of the fire department, police claim in court records.
A month later, Paci reported to police the fire department at 415 Lowhill Road removed Yuratovich and Sargent from their offices and dropped them as members.
The department also hired a retired postal inspector, Andrew F. Richards, to conduct a fraud audit of the fire department’s financial records.

Richards later discovered many purchases on fire department debit cards in the couple’s possession were made at restaurants, for entertainment and at stores including Best Buy, Home Depot, Game Stop, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart, and to pay an account at Mon Valley Hospital and for airline tickets at Qantas Airlines, police stated in the affidavit.
The audit findings prompted police to obtain a warrant to obtain the couple’s gambling records at The Meadows Casino in North Strabane Township.
Richards also accused the couple of completing 66 withdrawals from the fire department’s bank account totalling $80,046, and 97 other purchases in the amount of $25,552, court records show.

A Washington County court official said the alleged thefts crippled the fire department’s ability to meet its expenses.
A man who answered the department’s telephone Tuesday afternoon said fire company officials had no comment on the case.
Police said in court records Yuratovich and Sargent “failed to turn over documents, such as bank records, to the management” of the fire department, as well as its rank-and-file membership.
Police charged both Yuratovich and Sargent with felony counts of theft, unauthorized access device use and conspiracy, and a misdemeanor count of tampering with evidence.

Read the whole story here.

Michigan Priest, Found Guilty Of Embezzling $131K, Gets Light Sentence

From on 12/15/2014:

Charitable money supplied by the Archdiocese of Detroit for the needy instead went to an unscrupulous priest and his accomplice, a Wayne County jury found.

But Wayne County Circuit Judge Bruce Morrow gave Father Timothy J. Kane, 58, of Detroit, a break at his sentencing Monday.

Sentencing guidelines called for the religious leader to spend a minimum of three years behind bars, but Morrow only sentenced the priest to 1/3 the time, and spread it out over four years.

Kane was sentenced to 12 months in the Wayne County Jail to be served in the months of December and January for the next 5 years, a statement from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office says, and was also given 5 years of probation and restitution of $131,400.

"This is a most unusual sentence that is below the defendant's guidelines," Assistant Prosecutor and prosecutor's office spokeswoman Maria Miller said in a prepared statement. "It is especially troubling considering that he was convicted as charged of multiple counts of stealing money from the poor.
"We will be determining whether we will appeal the case in the next several days."

Kane, former associate pastor of St. Gregory the Great and Church of Madonna, both in Detroit, as well as St. Benedict in Highland Park, was convicted of operating a continuing criminal enterprise, using a computer to commit a crime, uttering and publishing, conspiracy to commit uttering and publishing embezzlement from a charitable institution and conspiracy to embezzle from a charitable institution.

His accomplice, 35-year-old Dorreca Brewer of Jackson, pleaded no contest to the charges against her and received probation in October.

Pennsylvania Woman Sentenced To 2 Years For Embezzling $458K From Bank

From the Times-Dispatch on 12/15/2014:

A Pennsylvania woman was sentenced to two years in prison Monday by U.S. District Judge Robert E. Payne in a $450,000 bank fraud.

Jeannetta Matthews, 27, of Upper Darby, Pa., was ordered to pay $457,967 in restitution to Wells Fargo Bank. She pleaded guilty in July to conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Court documents say Matthews was a Wells Fargo bank employee in Pennsylvania who agreed in October 2012 to sell account and personal information for more than 20 bank customers.
Co-conspirators obtained false identification and credit cards in the names of the customers and impersonated them at Wells Fargo branches in Virginia, South Carolina, California, Georgia, and New Jersey. Two co-conspirators were previously sentenced to roughly five years and four years for their roles.


Read the whole story here.

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California Woman Sentenced For Embezzling $138K From Green Energy Concern

From the Petaluma Argus-Courier on 12/16/2014:

A Vallejo woman is facing 14 months in prison after pleaded guilty last week to embezzling more than $100,000 from a Petaluma company between 2011 and May of this year, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch’s office announced on Monday.
Eileen Madayag, 43 made the plea in Sonoma County Superior Court on December 10, admitting to the felony embezzlement and two enhancements, including stealing more than $100,000 from Between October 2011 and May 2014 from SPG Solar in Petaluma, where she was employed as the payroll manager.
She stipulated to a 28 month sentence, which includes 14 months in prison and 14 months on mandatory supervision. She is also required to make restitution. Madayag, who was arrested earlier this year after an internal audit revealed the embezzlement, was original charged with several counts, including computer crimes, possession of stolen identities, and forgery.
“This office will continue to aggressively prosecute embezzlers,” Ravitch said in a statement released by her office. “Ms. Madayag was an employee who selfishly took advantage of a position of trust in the workplace. I cannot stress enough how important it is that businesses have checks and balances in place, and that they report suspicious bookkeeping activity immediately to their local law enforcement office.”
Over the nearly three-year period, Madayag embezzled $138,175.03 from SPG Solar, which designs and installs commercial solar electric energy systems, and moved to a warehouse space in Petaluma from Novato in 2012. Madayag was re-routing employee paychecks and intercepting payments from clients which she would deposit into several bank accounts she opened in her own name. According to the district attorney’s office, the company was not aware of the thefts until management discovered a former employee was still receiving paychecks via direct deposit.
Madayag was arrested in July after an investigation which included an internal audit, uncovered additional direct deposits in the names of other former employees as well as evidence that several people currently working for the company were listed as receiving more than one paycheck. Maydayag was depositing those extra checks into her accounts.

Read the whole story here.

North Carolina Woman Sentenced To 5 1/2 Years For Embezzling $170K From Non-Profit

From the Winston-Salem Journal on 12/16/2014:

A former director at The Enrichment Center embezzled nearly $170,000 from Social Security funds to buy a laptop for her daughter, a car for her fiancé and to pay rent for one of her church members, federal prosecutors alleged in court documents.

Cynthia Gray Wrenn, 52, of Winston-Salem was sentenced to a total of five years and six months Thursday in U.S. District Court in Greensboro. U.S. District Judge William Osteen Jr. ordered her to be placed on three years of supervised release after she gets out of prison. Wrenn is scheduled to report to prison on Jan. 29. She pleaded guilty in September to three federal charges of an 11-count indictment alleging that she had embezzled and misused money for her own benefit. As a condition of the plea arrangement, the rest of the charges were voluntarily dismissed.
The Enrichment Center has a contract with the Social Security Administration. The nonprofit receives money from Social Security to help 300 Forsyth County residents pay their bills and other expenses, according to court documents. The money is put in a trust account, from which The Enrichment Center issues checks. Many of the clients have mental health disorders, such as dementia, and are unable to handle their finances.
Wrenn was the director of the Representative Payee Program at The Enrichment Center. One of her responsibilities was to request checks from the nonprofit’s finance department for individual clients.
But Wrenn stole the money and used it to help herself and her family, Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Hamilton alleged in court papers.
Wrenn stole $167,534, Hamilton said in court documents. Investigators identified 42 victims.
Federal indictments allege that she embezzled money from Social Security from Dec. 29, 2010, to Aug. 16, 2013.
The criminal investigation of Wrenn started in August 2013 after The Enrichment Center received a letter from QVC, the home shopping network. The letter included an uncashed check for $1,508.58 that had been returned because the shipping address didn’t match that of The Enrichment Center. The letter was addressed to Wrenn’s daughter, and the center’s internal records showed that the check was issued to buy a laptop for a client. QVC records showed that the account number for the order belonged to Wrenn’s daughter and the shipping address matched that of Wrenn’s daughter, according to court documents.
The Enrichment Center conducted an investigation and then contacted Winston-Salem police. The investigation found that about $118,000 had been deposited in Wrenn’s bank account at Allegacy Federal Credit Union.
According to court documents, Wrenn had The Enrichment Center issue a check in November 2012 for $5,102 that was payable to “Jerry Hunt,” which turned out to be Jerry Hunt Auto Sales in Lexington. The money was used to buy a car for Wrenn’s fiancĂ©e at the time, court documents say.
Wrenn asked another check to be issued, also in November 2012, that was payable to “Evans Properties.” That check, according to court documents, was used to pay the rent for a member of Wrenn’s church.
Hamilton also alleged that in 2013 Wrenn misappropriated Social Security money to pay for a hospital bill and her daughter’s insurance policy. Hamilton alleged that Wrenn mislead center officials, telling them that checks issued to Allegacy would be used to buy debit cards for clients. But the checks were deposited into Wrenn’s personal account.


Read the whole story here.

Virginia Couple Accused Of Embezzling $400K From Mechanical Contracting Company In Civil Suit

From the Virginia-Pilot on 12/16/2014:

A local mechanical contractor is suing its former accounting manager and her husband, saying the couple embezzled more than $400,000 to buy boats and real estate and open accounts in their names.

The lawsuit accuses Chesapeake resident Lynda C. Johnson of taking unspecified sums of money from Comfort Systems of Virginia Inc., a plumbing, sheet-metal and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning company, and covering her tracks by disguising the transfers as company expenses. Her husband, Roger Dale Johnson, helped, according to the complaint filed this month in Circuit Court.
Police are investigating, and criminal charges are pending against Lynda Johnson, Officer Kelly O'Sullivan, a police spokeswoman, wrote in an email.

Lynda Johnson had access to Comfort's financial records and began depositing company money into the couple's joint bank accounts in August 2013, according to the suit. She wrote checks to petty cash, wired funds and obtained cashier's checks, the suit says.

The Johnsons then used the money to buy and improve real estate, open investment and retirement accounts and purchase multiple boats: a 2012 Bayliner 170, a 2007 Four Winns 318 and a 2000 Sea Ray 290 Sundancer, the lawsuit says.

It accuses the couple of fraud, civil conspiracy and conversion, and seeks to recover what the company lost.


Read the whole story here.

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Check Out FraudTalk's Episode: Bringing Freud to Fraud

Listen to today's episode of FraudTalk - my online radio program on the Voice America Business Channel Network.  Today the topic was the psychology of fraud with my special guest, Dr. Daven Morrison, a psychiatrist and expert on what makes fraudsters tick.

Listen here:

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North Carolina Couple Charged With Embezzling $560K In Assets From Elderly Woman In Their Care

From the Citizen-Times on 12/13/2014:

An Asheville couple is behind bars on charges that they embezzled hundreds of thousands in cash and property from an elderly woman in their care.

Candace Fite Ray and Johnathan Michael Ray, both fiduciaries of the victim, were arrested Dec. 12 and charged with the felony exploitation of a disabled or elder adult and the felony embezzlement of more than $100,000.

Candace Ray, 42, tried to obtain the elder’s home by filing a false quitclaim deed on the property, transferring ownership to her husband. The property is valued at approximately $299,625.

Ray is also charged with three felony counts of using the victim’s personal information without consent to open credit card accounts, as well as felony forgery for trying to cash a check worth $261,490.77, one she claimed was written to, and endorsed by, the victim.

Johnathan Ray, 42, is also charged with attempting to steal $261,490.77 belonging to the victim and acting as an accessory to embezzlement.


Read the whole story here.

Colorado Woman Arrested For Allegedly Embezzling $124K From Local County

From ABC News7 Denver on 12/12/2014:

A former Eagle County employee was arrested Friday on a warrant accusing her of embezzling $124,239 from the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

Brenda Wright, 55, of Gypsum, appeared in court, where Judge Russell Granger advised her of the charges against her. Granger set her bond at $25,000, and ordered that Wright surrender her passport to the court.

The arrest came after an investigation traced the missing public funds back to Wright, Jill Sarmo, spokeswoman for Eagle County District Attorney's Office, said in a news release.

The fraud was detected when Eagle County Clerk Teak Simonton discovered discrepancies in motor vehicle financial accounts. Those accounts contain a 2 percent vehicle rental and leasing tax levied upon vehicles rented each year in Colorado for less than 45 days, Sarmo said. A portion of that tax goes to the county where the car rental occurs.

The investigation included an accounting audit, as well as a search of Wright’s home, her bank records, cell phone, and computer, which uncovered a trail of dollar bills $124,239 deep and five years long, Sarmo said.

"I'd like to thank our Finance Department and Treasurer's Office for their assistance in determining the magnitude of the alleged theft," Simonton said in a statement. "As disappointed as I and my team are about this betrayal by a trusted employee, we are happy that she will be held accountable to the people of the county."

Wright's arrest is just the latest in a series of extraordinary embezzlement cases throughout the Fifth Judicial District, which includes Eagle, Summit, Clear Creek and Lake counties.

In recent months, notable convictions occurred in the cases of Henry Kunter, now serving an eight-year community corrections sentence after stealing from an Eagle civic organization, and Dawna Foxx, serving a five-year sentence in state prison after stealing from a local Summit County non-profit where she worked.

In addition, charges have also been filed against Sue Frank for allegedly stealing $415,000 from a Summit County non-profit business association, and Robert Polich who is suspected of stealing approximately $160,000 from a Summit County homeowner’s association.


Read the whole story here.

Suspect In $209K Embezzlement In Connecticut Has Prior Conviction For Fraud

From The Hour on 12/11/2014:

A Stratford woman, accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Norwalk plastic surgeon, was previously convicted of embezzlement in California, according to statements made during her arraignment Thursday at Norwalk Superior Court.

Gloria Lavae Tamayo, 43, of Stratford, served 30 days in jail and was also placed on probation after being convicted in 1997 of embezzlement. She was arraigned Thursday on new allegations of first-degree larceny, third-degree forgery and identity theft. Judge William Wenzel kept Tamayo’s $239,000 cash only bond in place and transfered her case to the Part A docket at Stamford Superior Court, where high class felony cases are adjudicated. Wenzel set the bond without prejudice, so that it can be reargued when Tamayo appears in Stamford court Dec. 19.

The victim in the case, Dr. Laurence Kirwan, is a plastic surgeon who has offices in Norwalk, New York City and London. He has performed surgical work on British television celebrities. He has also performed extensive charity work for Americares and UNICEF.

The investigation that led to Tamayo’s arrest began in August when Kirwin noticed irregularities in his office’s bookkeeping, police said. The bookkeeping irregularities came to the attention of Kirwan when the doctor combed through his finances in order to produce an accurate financial affidavit in divorce court, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Tamayo was terminated with cause on Aug. 27, court documents show. She had taken numerous work days off due to mental health issues, and Kirwan believed her embezzlement led to the issues, court documents show.

“She was always complaining that the business, Dr. K. Services P.C., had no money,” Kirwan wrote in a statement to police. “I was delinquent with my business mortgage and discovered after she was terminated that all my credit card accounts were maxed out with no available credit and that our vendor accounts were all overdue and frozen. I think that a lot of her anxiety was based on the fact that she could no longer hide her theft of corporate funds, because we had run out of working capital.”

Detective William Maloney, a certified fraud investigator, assumed the investigation and pored through the financial bookkeeping at Kirwan’s East Avenue office in Norwalk.

Maloney learned that Tamayo, the office’s bookkeeper, had been writing unauthorized checks to herself since 2010 and disguising the unauthorized checks as payments to vendors, police said. Through this method, Tamayo embezzled at least $209,075, according to police.
Tamayo was arrested at her Stratford home on Wednesday.

Read the whole story here.