Monday, August 2, 2010

Pair Of California Bookkeeper Conspirators Charged With Embezzling $2.6 Million

Maria Lourdes B. Dionisio, 46, of Pacifica, California, and Hannah Yau, 56, of Fremont, California, have been charged in a scheme to embezzle more than $2.6 million from software programming company, Autonomy Inc., for whom they had been employed as a payroll clerk and a financial analyst, respectively. According to prosecutors, Dionisio (upper left mug shot) and Yau (upper right) conspired to issue themselves extra paychecks over a four year period. The scheme reportedly unravelled after Dionisio reported an income of about $450,000 instead of $63,000, her true salary, when she filed for unemployment benefits last May after she was let go for unrelated reasons. The pair, who have both plead not guilty, face up to six years in prison each if convicted.

Read the story here and here.

Read the San Francisco District Attorney's announcement here.

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