Wednesday, June 8, 2011

North Carolina Woman Accused Of Embezzling $1 Million From Five Local Companies

Elizabeth “Jeannette” Josey, 50, of  Gransboro, North Carolina, has been accused by authorities of embezzling more than $1 million from a group of five companies based in Carteret County, for whom she had served as office manager.  Authorities, who have issued a warrant for Josey's arrest, allege that she bilked five companies owned by a James Gillikin of Baufort, including Gillikin Marine Railways Inc., Morgan Creek Seafood, Inc., James T. Gillikin Inc., Trawler Captain Jimmy Inc. and Captain James II, Inc., all of Radio Island, NC.  Josey, who had been employed by Gillikin for 17 years, allegedly took company receipts and "converted them to her own use" to establish a lavish lifestyle.  Josey is to be charged with two counts of felony embezzlement and is currently at large.  Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office at 252-504-4800 or at 252-726-1911, 24 hours a day.

Read the story here and here.

Update (6/11/11): Josey was arrested yesterday by Carteret County Sheriff’s detectives.

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