Monday, December 12, 2011

California Woman Accused Of Embezzling $470K From Bookkeeping Clients

Paige Jones Hibbits, 69, recently of Camarillo, California, has been charged with embezzling at least $470,000 from several bookkeeping clients of her business, Jones Hibbits, LLC, including Scarborough Farms Inc. of Oxnard, California.  According to authorities, Hibbits has used a variety of aliases, including Pearl Hibbits, Pearl Klenoski, Pearl Jones, Paige Jones, and Pearl McClelland.  Prosecutors allege that Hibbits executed more than 50 fraudulent transactions, including fraudulent checks and electronic funds transfers for her own benefit over a 2 year period.  Specifically, Hibbits has been charged with felony counts including forgery, money laundering, grand theft, computer fraud and aggravated white collar crime.  Media reports indicate that Hibbits has previous a felony conviction in 2004 for embezzlement and forgery.  She was also arrested in 1990 for assault with a deadly weapon and spent time in state prison.  Ironically, Hibbits was named the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce's Woman of the Year in 2010.

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Anonymous said...

Innocent until proven guilty,

EriC Andre Sterling Daily III said...

I've known Paige for 10 years Nd this is a complete surprise to me. She spent many years working with non- profit organizations and seemed to enjoy every minute. She has tremendous organization and people skills. Can't believe it!

Cheryl Meril said...

I hope this isn't true. Chris, do you know what the percentage of convictions are on these cases? Do they ever get it wrong?

Anonymous said...

I have been in her presence a few times and seeing her before and after pictures is totally hysterical! Two totally different people, we're all thinking!
I laugh every time I remember Paige being in the midst of a gathering. And waving to her in the 2010 Camarillo Christmas Parade, atop a convertible! "Hi Paige," I yelled a few times!
The reaction to something outrageous, absurd and ridiculous is to laugh - that she pulled this under our nose is hysterical. Not laughing at the losses.
Not too funny she feigned serious illness, or worked or volunteered for charities.
I have been assurred criminals are OFTEN seen as perfectly respectable. They are so good at what they do.
All organizations she touched should undergo a serious audit. Regardless if they think their books are okay - - -
Oh - I still have one of her very nice business ball point pens! Bet many people do!