Monday, January 23, 2012

New Mexico Woman Under Investigation For Alleged Embezzlement Of More Than $200K From Convention Center

Debbie Dusenbery, 41, of Farmington, New Mexico, is under investigation by the Farmington Police Department for allegedly embezzling more than $200,000 from the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau where she had served as Executive Director.  According to reports, Dusenbery resigned from her position last week and sent a check for $100,000 to authorities, presumably as a form of restitution.  Farmington police have seized Dusenbery's computers and financial documents.  Dusenbery reportedly made at least two unauthorized transactions each month to pay her personal creditors.  According to the police, Dusenbery spent the misappropriated funds to pay for "a MacBook computer, numerous extravagant trips for friends and family members to Miami, Las Vegas and the Cayman Islands, and to purchase a guided elk hunt for her boyfriend and another friend."  For her part, Dusenbery has claimed she suffers from cancer, but plans on "doing the right thing," with respect to paying back the agency.  According to her LinkedIn profile, Dusenbery has been employed by the agency since 1995.  She supposedly studied accounting at the University of New Mexico.

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Update (2/3/12):  Dusenbery was found dead in the desert several miles south of Lake Havasu City on Tuesday the result of an apparent suicide.  A note attached to her red Jeep Cherokee requested that Farmington, New Mexico police be contacted.  A .38 caliber revolver was found next to her body.

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Update: The investigation has uncovered more than $550,000 in funds missing. Purchases include a vehice, a hot tub, and a camper as well as more than 60 airline tickets.