Friday, March 9, 2012

Former California Sheriff's Deputy Accused Of Embezzling More Than $300K From Law Enforcement Association

Donald Philip Atkinson, 50, of El Dorado Hills, California has been arrested and charged with embezzling more than $300,000 from the El Dorado County Deputy Sheriff's Association where he had served as president.  According to prosecutors, over a period of about 6 years, Atkinson had falsified documents, submitted forged documents for reimbursement and pocketed money that he claimed was for charitable purposes.  Atkinson also allegedly stole $100,000 from an elderly or dependent person claiming it was to purchase a photography business from a person with cancer using a fraudulent contract.  Atkinson has been arrested on 44 felony counts that include embezzlement, grand theft, forgery and perjury.  He rose to the rank of Sergeant after a 17 year career with the sheriff's department.

Read the story herehere and here.

Update (7/30/12): Atkinson, now 51, has been sentenced to five years in state prison and ordered to pay more than $400,000 in restitution. 

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