Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wisconsin Man Suspected In $120K Embezzlement Scheme: Has Prior Criminal Arrest History

From the Menomonee Falls Patch on 6/3/13:


Menomonee Falls police are investigating an extensive embezzlement case involving a former employee of Novum Structures LLC in Falls.

Police obtained a search warrant to obtain copies of information and activity from a bank account held by Gerard Del Giudice. Del Giudice is suspected of embezzling at least $120,615 from Novum Structures, which is an architectural and construction company...

According to an affidavit filed with the Waukesha County Circuit Court:

Del Giudice allegedly set up shell companies while employed at Novum, and was charging Novum subcontractors for insurance and consultant fees. Between January 2012 and March 2013, Del Giudice bilked over $120,000 from the company through several transactions with through false companies.

This isn't the first tango for Del Giudice. He has also been arrested in Florida, Illinois, and Michigan for fraud, theft by deception, and embezzlement.

Del Giudice, who created a false identity by the name Jerry Guidice, fabricated the companies USA Assurety Corporation and Subsure Construction Services. He then billed Novum for services that were never provided. A Novum employee provided police a checking statement from Giudice's office, which shows the address of the US Assurety Corporation account matching Giudice's home address.

Police believe Giudice has been transferring funds from his shell companies into his personal account, and filed for a warrant to obtain proof of that. Former charges have not been filed at this point.

Update (1/6/2015) from WTAQ:

A former business executive in suburban Milwaukee is due in court next Monday, for allegedly stealing over $168,000 from his employer.

55-year-old Jerry Guidice, who now lives in Windermere Florida, is charged with six felony counts in Waukesha County -- 3 charges of embezzlement, 2 counts of false writings, and one charge of identity theft.

According to prosecutors, Guidice was hired at the start of 2012 to administer contracts for Novum Structures of Menomonee Falls. Investigators said he later created a fake construction company to which he made numerous payments from Novum Structures -- and later put the money in his own accounts.

Authorities said Guidice used the money to buy an airplane and a horse, among other things.
Officials said he was fired about 15 months after he was hired, and the firm then notified Menomonee Falls Police. Charges were not filed until Monday.

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