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Center for Strategic Business Integrity Formed

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 The Center for Strategic Business Integrity Announces Formation

 Ijamsville, MD – July 15, 2013 – The Center for Strategic Business Integrity (“CSBI”) announces its formation today in response to numerous corporate oversight & compliance failures in recent years.  The CSBI’s mission is to equip current & prospective board members and their key advisors with principles & skills to drive robust oversight of any corporate enterprise by deterring, detecting, responding and resolving material corporate negligence in strategic decision making as well as business irregularities & corruption before the damage is done.  Specifically the CSBI is:

·         A center for preparing & certifying board members & key advisors for their critical role;
·         A center for training and education;
·         A center for advocacy – promoting effective corporate oversight;
·         A center for research – developing insight into the successes & failures of corporate oversight; and,
·         A center for strategy development – formulating principles & supporting tools for more effective corporate oversight.

The CSBI’s leadership consists of John L. Verna, CEO & Executive Managing Director; Walter J. Sarkees, Managing Director & Chairman of the Board of Advisors; and Christopher T. Marquet, Managing Director & Director of Research.  In announcing the formation of the CSBI, Verna said, “We are extremely excited about the creation of the Center for Strategic Business Integrity.  The need for more professionalized, better skilled corporate directors and related trusted advisors is long past overdue.   The stakes of the global economic game are simply too high and we must have the best leadership in the corporate boardroom.” 

 The CSBI has created the professional designation, “Certified Board Advisor” or CBA, for appropriately qualified members.  CBAs are current or potential board leaders as well as key board advisors who have demonstrated by education, experience and proven accomplishments that they are equipped with the skills and ethics necessary to direct a modern corporate enterprise.

 Verna added, “The potential effects of non-routine, high impact business irregularities, abuse of executive power and poor, sometimes negligent strategic decision making are potentially catastrophic.  As a Nation, we can no longer tolerate or afford weak boardroom leadership.  The Center’s mission is to begin the long but important process of strengthening our next generation of corporate board leaders.”

About the Center for Strategic Business Integrity

Center for StrategicBusiness Integrity (CSBI) is a research, education, advocacy and certification (the Certified Board Advisor) organization dedicated to developing effective corporate oversight strategies and skills for current and future corporate board directors as well as their key advisors. 

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