Thursday, August 8, 2013

Former Illinois Media Exec Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $264K

From the Chicago Tribune on 6/13/13:

A former Tribune Co. executive pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to mail fraud, admitting she stole $264,000 in commissions meant for the company.

Stephanie Pater, 39, had drawn the ire of a federal judge early this year when she failed to appear in court after she was charged.

Pater, a former director of real estate for Tribune Co., left the company in 2010 to form her own real estate management business. Tribune Co. hired Pater to oversee its real estate holdings for a monthly fee.

Pater admitted that she stole the $264,000 by creating a fake contract with Tribune Co. that improperly directed commissions from a real estate brokerage business to her company, not Tribune Co. The thefts took place from March to September 2010, prosecutors said.


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