Sunday, March 2, 2014

City Clerk In Oklahoma Charged With Embezzling Over 7 Year Period; Manipulated Payroll

From Oklahoma 9 Mobile on 2/28/14:

The Rush Springs City Clerk has been charged with embezzlement.

John David Morrow was responsible for all of the city's finances for nearly a decade.

During that time, investigators claim he manipulated the payroll in an effort to increase his salary.
The allegations first surfaced following an audit of the City of Rush Spring in 2011.

According to court papers, Morrow did not withhold payroll taxes from his paychecks, did not withhold insurance premiums and issued himself extra paychecks.
Morrow allegedly embezzled from the city for seven years until he was caught.

The Grady County District Attorney's Task Force began investigating Morrow's activities, and records show Morrow admitted to investigators he took the money to pay for living expenses such as paying for his home and raising his children.

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