Monday, November 3, 2014

Washington State Woman Charged With Embezzling $100K From Mining Concern

From The Daily News on 10/31/2014:

A Longview woman has been accused of embezzling more than $100,000 and forging numerous checks from the bank accounts of her former business partner and their mining company.
Angeline Danielle Bredfield, 40, has been charged with one count of first-degree theft, one count of first-degree identity theft and 32 counts of forgery in Cowlitz County Superior Court, according to documents. County deputies arrested Bredfield Wednesday.

Bredfield’s business partner and alleged ex-boyfriend, Longview doctor Vladimir Bogin, reported embezzlement from the couple’s company, Cromos Mining and Crushing, LLC. in April, according to court documents filed by Longview police. Bogin said she deceived him about selling company equipment, funneled just over $100,000 from a company account to her own bank account, used a company bank card without authorization and forged nearly $40,000 of checks from his personal account.

According to the documents, Bogin showed police bank records indicating that, in Oct. 2011, Bredfield transferred the embezzled funds from a Cromos Mining account to a friend’s bank account. In interviews, the friend said Bredfield told her that she would be out of town and needed to pay a bill.

The friend told police she was surprised when a large sum of money showed up in her account. She returned most the money to Bredfield but was allowed to keep $2,000 for her trouble, according to documents.

Between March 2011 and December 2012, Bredfield allegedly forged 32 checks against Bogin’s account. Several of the checks listed Bredfield as the payee, according to documents. Some of the other checks were allegedly written to Bredfield’s house cleaner and a man who took Bredfield’s son to a motorcycle race.

In 2013, Bredfield allegedly made more than 100 transactions with a Cromos Mining bank card Bogin thought had been cancelled during bankruptcy proceedings. Bogin said he hadn’t been making payments on the bank card, but believes Bredfield made payments with an unauthorized business check.

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