Monday, April 27, 2009

Maryland Mother & Daughter Indicted On Embezzlement Charges

Barbara A. Stevenson-Jones, 70, and her daughter, Pamela A. Stevenson, 51, both of Bowie, Maryland, have been indicted on Friday for embezzling more than $280,000 from the District of Columbia by pocketing funds intended for the Randolph-Sheppard Vending Facilities Program, designed for blind vendors, which they were contracted to manage. They were each charged with four counts of theft and carrying stolen goods across state lines. Prosecutors claim that their management company, Wellness and Management, collected vending revenue and was supposed to distribute the money to the 46 blind vendors in the program and each of their retirement accounts, but instead pocketed nearly $300,000. The fraud reportedly occurred between November 2003 and July 2004.

Read the story here and here.

Taking advantage of the blind... How low can you get?

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