Monday, April 27, 2009

Texas Accountant Sentenced To Nearly 5 Years For $215K Embezzlement

Dina Clarise Smith, 39, of Midland, Texas, was sentenced last week to 57 months in prison plus restitution for embezzling $214,855 from Midland Pathologists for whom she had served as an outside accountant. Smith, who was charged with embezzlement, bank fraud, and identity theft, reportedly spent the stolen funds on personal and luxury items such as home furnishings, big screen TVs, car payments, computers, video game systems, vacations and cosmetic procedures. According to prosecutors, Smith was able to use her position to write fraudulent checks to herself from the business, forged signatures and deposited them into her personal accounts. Smith, who was fired from the Elms, Faris & Company accounting firm when her actions were uncovered, pleaded guilty last January 20th.

Read the story here, here and here.

Read the DOJ announcement about her guilty plea here.

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