Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update: Virginia Man Sentenced In $1.5 Million Embezzlement Case

Rick Eddleman, 57, of Norfolk, Virginia, was sentenced to six years and five months in prison for embezzling at least $1.5 million from his brother-in-law's business, Decipher, Inc., a maker of role playing cards where he had been vice president of finance. Eddleman had pleaded guilty last March to 12 counts of embezzlement in a scheme that lasted 9 years, according to prosecutors. Eddleman, in his capacity as head of finance for the company, paid himself double salary, wrote checks to himself and his family members and used company credit cards to pay for his personal expenses. In a civil suit filed by the company against Eddleman and his wife, Kathy Eddleman, he was ordered to pay nearly $8.9 million.

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