Tuesday, November 24, 2009

South Carolina Men, Known As The "3 Hebrew Boys" Found Guilty In $82 Million Ponzi Scheme

Joseph Brunson, Tim McQueen and Tony Pough, of South Carolina, who operated variously as the "3 Hewbrew Boys LLC," and Capital Consortium Group, Inc., were convicted by a jury Friday for defrauding investors out of some $82 million in a Ponzi-type investment fraud scheme. Specifically, the jury found each of them guilty on 58 counts of mail fraud, money laundering and transporting stolen goods, after deliberating for 3 hours. According to the criminal complaint, since 2004, the 3 men lured at least 7,000 investors from two dozen states, including many from military bases and churches, with promises to help pay off debt at a fraction of its cost. The investments were purported to be made in foreign currency markets. Instead, the 3 used the investments funds for their own personal purposes, including a $25 million home near Walt Disney World, three Atlanta condos, three luxury stadium boxes in Charlotte and Atlanta, more than 20 cars, eight lots at a Northeast Richland subdivision, 20 acres of Orangeburg County land, a $1 million motor coach, and a $5 million personal jet. Sentencing is pending.

Read the story here, here and here.

Read the original complaint here and the indictment here.

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