Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update: Iowa Political Activist's Spouse Indicted In $5.9 Million Embezzlement Case

Marla Randolph Stevens, 58, of Des Moines, Iowa (pictured here), and the spouse of Phyllis Stevens, accused of embezzling some $5.9 million from Aviva USA, has been charged by a federal grand jury with one count of conspiring to commit money laundering and three counts of participating in financial transactions with money derived from criminal activity. Phyllis Stevens is still in custody on 18 felony counts related to the alleged embezzlement. Phyllis Stevens was a 35 year veteran employee of Aviva and is a well known political activist for same sex marriage and gay rights. The two have given tens of thousands of dollars in donations to Democrat candidates, PACs and causes, including Barack Obama. The two were reportedly married in Canada in 2005.

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Update (6/23/10): Phyllis Stevens has been declared competent to stand trial for her part in the embezzlement scheme that defrauded nearly $6 million from West DeMoines-based insurer, Aviva USA.
Update (8/2/10): According to reports, Phyllis Stevens plans an insanity defense for her involvement in this embezzlement scheme.

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