Monday, March 22, 2010

Former Maine Banker Sued By Victims Of $800+K Embezzlement

Christina "Tina" Torres-York, 39, of Warren, Maine, has been sued in two separate civil suits alleging she embezzled nearly $750,000 from Camden National Bank in Waldoboro, where she had been employed as a loan officer and more than $80,000 from a separate non-profit organization where she had served as volunteer treasurer. The suits, filed by Camden National Corp., parent of the bank and Maine Contractors and Builders Alliance Inc., allege that Torres-York embezzled the funds over a 2 year period between 2007 and 2009. The suit alleges Torres-York made $749,402 in unauthorized withdrawals from five of the bank customers’ lines of credit. The second suit, filed by the Alliance, alleges Torres-York embezzled $82,940 from the non-profit during the course of 2009. Torres-York reportedly left a confession letter. The FBI is investigating, but no charges have yet been filed.

Read the story here, here and here.

Update (1/10/11): According to media reports, Torres-York is expected to plead guilty to charges of embezzlement and misapplication of funds in connection with her alleged theft of at least $750,000 from Camden National Bank.

Update (1/12/11): Torres-York pleaded guilty as expected. She is due to be sentenced in April 2011.

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