Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ohio Couple Charged With Embezzling $1.3 Million

Scott C. Adair, 50, and Linda A. Adair, 52, of Canfield, Ohio, have been charged with embezzling at least $1.3 million from Southwind Trucking Company in Austintown, where Scott Adair was a co-owner. According to the criminal complaint, Scott Adair masterminded the misappropriation from March 2004 through October 2007. Investigators believe the scheme actually dates back to 2000 and perhaps earlier. He has been charged with 11 counts of aggravated grand theft, money laundering, telecommunication fraud, tampering with records and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. Linda Adair was charged with four counts of complicity to grand theft, complicity to money laundering and complicity to engage in a pattern of corrupt activity. The complaint seeks the forfeiture of the couple's home, contents, bank accounts, investment accounts and other property. Scott Adair's business partner in Southwind Trucking is Ric Barringer, who filed a civil suit against the Adair's last April. The company closed down in October 2007 and had to lay off 30 employees as a result, according to reports.

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It begs the question of how much the other partner knew or suspected. Does there have to be hard evidence? One of the news stories mentioned that the defendant allegedly left out a checkbook that was for another account.