Thursday, January 6, 2011

Former Georgia Church Pastor Indicted for Embezzling $200K

Kenneth Terrell, 46, of Bloomingdale, Georgia, was indicted on charges he embezzled at least $200,000 from the New Harvest International Ministries Church where he had served as pastor. According to the indictment, Terrell skimmed "hundreds of thousands" of dollars from church coffers to support a "lavish" lifestyle over at least a four year period. In the indictment, Terrell was charged with 7 counts of wire fraud for which he faces up to 20 years in prison. He has separately been charged with child molestation and sexual battery against a minor, according to reports. Apparently Terrell has a long criminal history that includes prior child molestation charges and multiple DUIs, burglary, forgery, criminal trespass, obstruction, disorderly conduct and drug charges.

Read the story here and here.

Watch the video here.

Update (5/5/11): Terrell pleaded gulty yesterday to one count of wire fraud in a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Update (1/24/12): Terrell has been sentenced to 115 months in prison and ordered to pay nearly $$381,449.55 in restitution. 

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