Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warrant Issued For Colorado Bookkeeper Who Allegedly Embezzled $150K From Educational Charity

An arrest warrant has been issued by Boulder, Colorado police for Diana Lynn Lewis, 44, of Boulder, who allegedly embezzled more than $150,000 from the non-profit Impact on Education, where she had been employed as a bookkeeper. According to authorities, Lewis forged numerous checks from the charity that supports the Boulder Valley School District over a period of six years, between 2004 and 2010. According to reports, Lewis has a prior conviction for fraud, although details are not available.

Read the story here and here.

Update (1/23/11): Lewis was arrested yesterday by Boulder Police who suspect she embezzled nearly $160,000 from Impact on Education, a non-profit that helps support the Boulder Valley School District. She has been charged with several counts of forgery and one count of theft of more than $20,000.

Update (6/24/11): Lewis was sentenced to 6 years in jail for embezzling what is now understood to be $178,000 over a six year period. 


Anonymous said...

There is a charity in Roosevelt, NJ called Yad Ezra founded by convicted felon and disbarred former lawyer, Larry Cheshier and wife Adrianne, to provide food to poor people. The Cheshier version is a copy of the real Yad Ezra in Israel and Michigan that provides kosher food to the Jewish needy.

Larry Cheshier was convicted of ARSON in 2006 and was previously disbarred for stealing from clients, forgery, lying to invetigators, etc.

If Larry Cheshier is ever to be permitted to be in charge of money, it's an invitation for something untoward. He's always broke, often evicted from rental housing, signs promissory notes to let his daughter continue in cllege without paying, etc., etc.

Cheshier is currently on criminal probation in Monmouth County, NJ and Yad Ezra and Cheshier are being investigated by NJ Office of Consumer Protection. While Yad Ezra continues to raise money as Cheshier asks for your CASH, the state has not yet registered Yad Ezra because of Larry Cheshier's involvement.

Anonymous said...

Larry Cheshier, the executive director of Yad Ezra in Roosevelt, NJ, was also arrested not long ago in New Jersey for Theft by Taking. He and wife Adrianne advertise for checks or cash to be sent to their run down rental house. Risky? You bet!

Anonymous said...

Interesting the reference in your Blog to Yad Ezra. I have just found out that regular contributions which I have sent by crossed personal Euro checks to the Charity based in Shimon Rokah Street in Jerusalem, Israel have somehow been cashed in the USA by someone who calls himself 'Yosef Kroopnick' How was that possible? My checks were crossed 'Account Payee Only' which I thought would ensure them being cashed ONLY by the said Payee in Jerusalem, Israel.

Have any other Donors had similar experiences with

Who really is 'Yosef Kroopnick'? This guy telephoned me regularly looking for donations. I am furious with myself that I was deceived by him.

Is there any connection between Yad Ezra in Roosevelt NJ and in Jerusalem Israel?

To the best of my knowledge are a legitimate Jewish Charity.

Anonymous said...

The Yad Ezra in Israel is probably legitimate and provides kosher food to hungry Jews. The Yad Ezra in Roosevelt, NJ was started by Larry Cheshier and wife Adrienne. Larry is a black Baptist who uses the Yad Ezra name, but it has no relationship to helping Jews. Larry Cheshier is a thief who stole a lot of money from law clients before being caught and disbarred. He was only a lawyer for a few years when he started stealing. He also set fire to a house he rented a copped a plea to Arson, a serious felony. His bail was 1/2 million dollars. He has been arrested in more than 1 state. He lives in a run down shack and solicits money to be sent to this disgusting place. Cheshier has had 2 bankruptcies and 40 civil judgments against him. There are honest charities to consider run by stellar people. Larry Cheshier is a convicted criminal -- sending him $$ is up to you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Larry Cheshier, the black baptist crook and rip off artist, who runs Yad Ezra in NJ as his own personal charity is also Yosef Kroopnick.

Anonymous said...

There is no connection between Yosef Kroopnick and Larry Cheshier as I personally know Yosef and he resides in Israel and not in New Jersey

Stephen Lozowick said...

Larry Cheshire had his license to operate Yad Ezra in Roosevelt, NJ revoked by the Attorney General for stealing the charity money. He was investigated by NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.