Saturday, March 19, 2011

California Woman Pleads No Contest To $215K Bank Embezzlement

Vanessa Tedeschi Outlaw, 31, of Santa Rosa, California, pleaded no contest to charges admitting she embezzled $215,417 from Exchange Bank, where she had been employed as an administrative assistant. According to authorities, over a period of some 20 months, from August 2008 to April 2010, Outlaw transferred funds out of an internal corporate account at the bank meant for promotions and incentives for employees. As part of her plea agreement, Outlaw was convicted on 10 counts of felony embezzlement and one count of felony grand theft. Her husband, Brian Outlaw filed for divorce after the police arrested her last April.

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Note: How ironic a name is that?


Anonymous said...

One might say her name may have doomed her from the very start.

Anonymous said...

Actually here real last name is Tedeschi. Ironically Outlaw is her married name, which she has no longer!

Anonymous said...

Who ever said she no longer has the last name of "Outlaw" is incorrect...It's a year later, her legal name is still "Outlaw"...and she does not plan on going through the whole court process of changing her name once again. OUTLAW for life.