Thursday, March 3, 2011

New York Woman Sentenced For Embezzling $350K From Medical Practice

Kathleen L. Heller, 54, formerly of West Seneca, New York, was sentenced to one to three years in prison for embezzling more than $350,000 from Western New York Pediatrics where she had served as chief financial officer. According to authorities, Heller misappropriated a total of $355,262 from the practice by manipulating payroll accounts and making unauthorized credit card charges for her own benefit. She is also alleged to have misappropriated $33,524 from the New York State Tax Department. According to reports, Heller fled in 2005 after suspicions arose and was captured as a fugitive in Florida in June 2009. Heller blamed her actions on an addiction to pain killers. At her sentencing, Heller is appologized and is quoted as saying that she was "very, very sorry with my whole heart and soul" for her actions.

Read the story here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

Nobody seemed to mention about their employees 401k money and the company was also running another company physician first billing.

Anonymous said...

A leopard doesn't change its spots 7 years later and this scam artist is still at it, hopefully they can send her back to prison where she belongs

Anonymous said...

She is a hardcore herion attack, still a con, still emblezzing and frauding. The only thing she is sorry about is getting caught. Watch out, run.