Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tennessee Man Under Investigation For Allegedly Embezzling "Hundreds of Thousands" of Dollars From State Court Clerk's Office

Brandon Gunn, 46, of Shelby County, Tennessee, is under investigation by authorities for allegedly embezzling at least $200,000 from the Shelby County Chancery Court Clerk’s Office where he had been employed as a bookkeeper. Details have not yet been released and Gunn has yet to be charged with anything. Reports indicates Gunn was suspended for 2 days in 2007 when it was discovered that there was a cash shortage in the cash register. Gunn resigned from the Clerk's Office last month.


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Update (10/28/11): Gunn, now 47, pleaded guilty to three counts of embezzlement, conspiracy and money laundering in a plea agreement.  He faces up to 35 years in prison.  Gunn reportedly wrote numerous checks from court coffers to at least two entities he created, Sunset Thirty-Three LLC and First Family LLC, as well as to an associate, Correy Isom, for his own benefit.  The scheme spanned a reported 3 years.

Update (11/10/11): Correy Isom has now been formally indicted in this case for his part in allegedly conspiring with Brandon Gunn. 

Update (2/3/12): Gunn was sentenced to 4 years in prison and ordered to pay $1 million in restitution. 

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