Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Kentucky Residents Arrested For Embezzling $200K From Convention Center In Vendor Fraud Scheme

J. Patrick Kerr
Susan H. Wilson
John Patrick Kerr, Jr., 42, and Susan H. Wilson, 52, both of Paducah, Kentucky, have been arrested for allegedly embezzling more than $200,000 from the Julian Carroll Convention Center, where Kerr had been employed as Executive Director.  According to authorities, over a period of at least one year, Wilson submitted fraudulent invoices from a fake vendor for "website and creative services" to Kerr which he approved and caused to be paid.  Wilson and Kerr then split the ill-gotten proceeds with a kickback to Kerr.  For his part, Kerr reportedly spent his portion on the painkiller medication Lortab, on which he claims to have been addicted.

Read the story here and here.

Read the Paducah Police Department announcement here.

Update (10/25/11): Kerr is now believed to have embezzled as much as $280,000, based upon further investigaiton by authorities.

Update (1/19/12):  State charges filed against Kerr and Wilson have been dropped, leaving them to face only federal charges.

Update (3/16/12): Kerr and Wilson have pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges that they embezzled more than $230,000 from the Julian Carroll Convention Center.

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