Monday, October 3, 2011

Trial Of New Hampshire Woman Accused Of Embezzling Nearly $300K Begins

The trial of Karen E. Susi, 48, of Hudson, New Hampshire, began last week in which she has been accused of embezzling nearly $300,000 from B&K Industrial Services.  According to authorities, Susi, who had been employed by the company as a bookkeeper, allegedly stole the money over a four year period.  Susi's scheme reportedly involved writing checks to herself from company coffers and keeping the proceeds.  Susi had been employed by B&K Industrial Services, through her own bookkeeping firm, Professional Bookkeeping Services, for 16 years, according to media reports.  Susi was originally accused of the embezzlement in March 2009.  The thefts caused extreme hardship for the business' owner, Barry Kendall, who had to lay off workers and cover the losses with personal funds.

Read the story here and here.

Update (10/10/11): In a first for these pages, Karen E. Susi was found NOT GUILTY of embezzling nearly $300,000 from B&K Industrial Services.  Susi's defense alleged that she did as company owner Barry Kendall had asked her to do by writing and cashing checks which ultimately went to HIS benefit, not hers. 

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