Monday, October 27, 2014

Embezzlement Investigation Ongoing At North Carolina Church - Former Finance Director Suspected Of Stealing At Least $250K

From WSOCTV on 10/22/2014:

FBI, Huntersville PD investigating SouthLake Christian embezzlement allegations

Allegations of embezzlement and fraud at a prestigious Christian school in Lake Norman are now under scrutiny by FBI agents.

Wednesday, FBI officials confirmed they are now in a joint investigation with Huntersville Police regarding the allegations at SouthLake Christian which surfaced last week after the school's headmaster and the church's pastor resigned.

FBI agents have already searched a Mooresville home owned by former headmaster Wayne Parker, according to neighbors.

"I expect to see search warrants, I expect to see forensic analysis of the financial records, subpoenas," said former FBI agent Chris Swecker.

Swecker said the FBI becomes involved in embezzlement cases when the dollar figures reach an investigative threshold, which typically starts at $250,000.

"You can probably surmise there's at least a good deal of loss alleged," Swecker said.

Swecker said embezzlement cases can be common at religious institutions if they fail to provide sufficient oversight of their finances, especially in cases where the money is controlled by one or two people.

"They trust him, they allow him unfettered access to the books, they allow him total complete autonomy when it comes to handling the finances, which is absolutely the wrong thing to do," Swecker said.

Channel 9 went to Malloy's home for comment but was unable to speak with him.

An attorney for Parker told Eyewitness News they have no comment about the widening investigation.

An attorney for Southlake also declined to comment.

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