Thursday, October 30, 2014

Investigation intoPotential $140K Embezzlement at Local Non-Profit in California

From the Manteca Bulletin on 10/30/14:

An alleged embezzlement at the Manteca-Ripon Pentecost Society (MRPS) Hall in Manteca involving $140,000 is under investigation by the Manteca Police Department.

The suspect has reportedly confessed to taking the money; however, there are lingering questions as to whether the individual will be prosecuted. The identity of the suspect is not being revealed at this time because no charges have been filed. Bulletin sources familiar with the case as well as Manteca Police Sgt. Jodie Estarziau said that MRPS officials are not sure they want to prosecute.

“But obviously we’re going with it (prosecution) because it’s a criminal act,” Estarziau said.

She did not indicate when charges will be filed, and added she did not have any further specifics about the case on Tuesday.

But these are the facts gathered so far from various sources.

MRPS officers, as well as some members of the non-profit organization, know the identity of the suspect  as the individual has confessed, but they are not revealing it to the press.

The money was discovered missing when the renovation of the hall started and they needed the money to pay the contractor.

The money was taken over a number of years.

Money that is missing does not involve rents paid for the use of the hall for events such as weddings, anniversaries, and community events. The money that was allegedly compromised involved membership fees and proceeds from MRPS dinner-dances.

One source indicated that the charge is “only a misdemeanor” because there is only a “slight amount” involved but that “we kind of have an idea of the amount.” The same source also hinted that since there was a confession from the alleged embezzler, and that they understand that “things happen,” and they would like to respond with understanding and kindness because of the group’s devotion to the Holy Ghost.

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