Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oregon Winery Bookkeeper Sentenced To More Than 6 Years For Embezzlement

Tiffany Lee Savastano, 33, of Redmond, Oregon, was sentenced this week to more than six years in prison for embezzling $229,000 from her former employer, Cooper Mountain Vineyards in Oregon. Investigators believe Savastano stole more than $500,000, but the statute of limitations ran out on her earlier older thefts. She was charged with the thefts since 2002 and arrested in July 2006.

Oddly, Savastano is still profiled on the Cooper Mountain Vineyards website here.

Interestingly, she has a listing as a freelance bookkeeper here.

Read the story here.

Don't be fooled by a sweet looking face. This innocent-looking woman nearly bankrupted the vineyard she worked for.

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Anonymous said...

The winery has since removed the link to Tiffany's bio, but the actual page is still on the web server, that is why it is still viewable today.