Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Former Pennsylvania Hospital Worker Accused Of Embezzling As Much As $400K

Ellen C. Pocratsky, 53, of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, has been charged with one count of embezzling between $200,000 and $400,000 from the now defunct Brownsville General Hospital, where she had been employed. Details of how the alleged thefts occurred have not been released, but it was not until the bankruptcy of the hospital that the embezzlement was discovered. The thefts allegedly occurred between April 2000 and January 2005.

Read the story here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

Ellen was a schoolmate of mine many years ago. She was an upstanding and positive person--sharing, giving and cheerful. Her family is a fine family of warm and caring people. The Ellen I know would not have done this unless she was under unbearable duress--and even then, I would find this hard to give credibility to. Her father was ill for some time and her husband was injured. Times had to have been tough for her. That doesn't make embezzlement okay, but perhaps we can look more deeply here.

If this is fact, I hope all involved will look at the positive qualities of this woman and consider the reasons she must have had for this.

classmate from North Laurel Highlands Jr-Sr High School

Anonymous said...

I digress.

She was fired or let just about every job she had for suspicion of embezzlement.

This was common knowledge.

What possible qualities can a embezzler and thief have?

Look as deep as you want, many people were hurt by this, and she richly deserves to pay the price.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that many were entire institution was impacted. I read the results of the sentencing today. She got off pretty easy, I suppose, compared to the punishments given for others.

I do not agree that any of this would have been good on her part. I suppose I've been in a state of shock over what she has done, having known her for so many years and never seeing this type of leaning in her.

Anonymous said...

she couldn't have been suffering to much. she drove a vehicle worth 50K. there are no excuses for her actions. she stole money off of hard working people. she got off alittle light. That's the problem now days, every criminal has a "reason" an "excuse".
throw her in the slammer and make her pay every penny back. accept responsibility

Anonymous said...

I did hear some family information traveling around--a member of her family inadvertently mentioned some of the spending done since her situation came to light. Have no idea what to do with that information, and can't prove any of it, but it came from a reliable source, I believe. If one talks to her atty, he would not share the info. If one goes to the judge, then one would have to do extensive traveling and such to be brought in to speak of things, right?

I was once a legal secretary and understand certain confidentiality observations. What can one do with information that concerns the spending of a great deal of money?

Anonymous said...

Repayment. I read that one represent intends to make sure every penny is paid back.

She has been asked to pay back 200 a month...some feel it should be much more. I wonder how they will do that and I wonder if someone is tracking all her accounts and maybe hidden accounts. I would think so, but don't really understand the system.

Anonymous said...

I dont care how nice the women was there is no excuse for doing what she did. I hope all involvedlook at what she is nothing more the a low down dirty thief. I hope she enjoys her new cars and can give he loved one wounderful gifts. maybe she can even give some gifts to the loved ones of all the people she screwed over!!!

Look at her positive qualities I would say she has none. That was probably Ellen that posted that. She should have to sell everything to pay back what she took