Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 West Virginia Woman Charged With Embezzling $100K From Charity

Kelli Jo Marcum, 33 (right) and Garnet Ann Fitchpatrick, 52 (left), both of Kermit, West Virginia, have been charged with embezzling nearly $100,000 from ABLE Families, a local non-profit charity meant to assist needy families where they were employed as office assistant and program coordinator, respectively. According to authorities, over the past five years, Marcum and Fitchpatrick conspired with each other, writing checks to themselves and pocketing the funds. When confronted, the two each confessed to the thefts, according to reports. Specifically, the two women have each been charged with embezzlement, five counts of forgery, conspiracy and grand larceny.

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Update: Marcum and Fitchpatrick each plead guilty to one count of fraudulent scheme admitting they embezzled at least $85,875.83 from the non-profit agency over a period of five years. They are due to be sentenced in January 2011.

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