Friday, June 11, 2010

Resume Liar's Club Expanded & Updated

Marquet International Ltd.'s Resume Liar's Club has been updated and expanded with 17 new profiles. The new ones include well known controversial figures like former Salomon Smith Barney's shooting star, Jack Grubman, but also others, such as Chris Bushnell, a young man who faked his way into Harvard University. Some of these folks devolve into white collar criminals. Others were just plain stupid. None of them figured they were going to get called out. We hope you find it interesting.

Check out the Resume Liar's Club here.


Anonymous said...

Hello, do you have any updates your bog is interesting

Anonymous said...

Carlos Hernandez

Anonymous said...

We like to see Carlos Hernandez of New jersey City University be included in Resume Liars Club.

Please expedite Carlos Hernandez's membership to the club as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Prior to becoming president of NJCU, Hernandez was vice president of academic affairs at the school and a professor of philosophy before that. A Ph.D. graduate of the City University of New York (CUNY), Hernandez’s resumé for years stated that he also held a master’s degree in philosophy from CUNY. Although Hernandez does, in fact, hold a doctorate from CUNY, he never earned the master’s degree, according to court testimony he gave in 2011.

The master’s was, however, allegedly on Hernandez’s resumé when he was under consideration for the vice president of academic affairs position in the early 1980s.

Hernandez did not earn his Ph.D. until 1988, five years after NJCU promoted him to be the vice president of academic affairs.

His classroom experience as a professor, his Ph.D., and his tenure as the vice president of academic affairs are what likely got Hernandez the promotion to president post, but it is possible that he would never have received that promotion had he not been the V.P. of academic affairs.