Wednesday, June 30, 2010

California Woman Arrested For Allegedly Embezzling $1.6 Million

Holly Daunielle Martin-Campbell, 37, of Inglewood, California, was arrested yesterday on charges she embezzled nearly $1.6 million from Blue Daisy Cement Products where she had been employed as a bookkeeper and administrator. According to authorities, Martin-Campbell began depositing customer checks into her own accounts in or about 2004 and continued over more than four years. Authorities believe Martin-Campbell used the stolen funds to finance a lavish lifestyle that included a newly built home, luxury automobiles, a Ducati motorcycle, sporting events and high end restaurants.

Read the story here and here.
Update: Martin-Campbell reportedly has a prior criminal history of theft. She served a 16 month prison sentence for credit card fraud.
Update (3/5/11): Martin-Campbell, who pleaded no contest to the charges last December, was sentenced to 11 years and 8 months in jail.

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