Saturday, September 18, 2010

California Woman Charged With Embezzling $150K From Municipality; Involved Husband & Daughter

Gloria Anna Gonzalez, 46, of Live Oak, California, has been charged with embezzling at least $147,785 from the City of Gridley, where she had been employed as a bookkeeper in the payroll department. Authorities also charged Gonzalez' husband, Vicente Gonzalez and her 20 year old daughter, Miranda Gonzalez as benefiting from the scheme. Gloria Gonzalez has been charged on 8 felony counts and one misdemeanor, including, embezzlement by a public officer, forgery, receiving stolen property and criminal impersonation. The misappropriations allegedly occurred over at least a 15 month period from January 2009 until March 2010. However, investigators believe the scheme could have been spanned years. Authorities believe Gonzalez used her access to the municipal accounting system computers to issue checks which she deposited into her own accounts and then tried to cover up her actions by voiding the checks in the system. The Gonzalez home has been searched for evidence and several new or slightly used computers were found.

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Update (10/14/10): Gloria Anna Gonzalez is now the subject of 10 additional felony counts of grand theft alleging she embezzled another $261,597.96 by issuing at least 10 City of Gridley checks which were deposited into the bank account of her other daughter, Bianca Gonzalez. Bianca's boyfriend, Jose Ramirez, also allegedly received checks issued by Gloria Anna Gonzalez.

Update (3/15/11): Gonzalez' trial is now ongoing and the total allegedly embezzled from the City of Gridley is now at $424,195.

Update (11/10/11): Gonzalez' trial was put on hold and she now faces a competency hearing on whether she can face trial.  Assuming she can, the new trial date is set for December 12, 2011.  Two doctors for the defense have evaluated Gonzalez and found that she is unable to assist in her defense, which is being challenged by the prosecutor.

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