Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stealing The Good Life: Rash Of Embezzlement Cases May Stem From "Me" Society, Expert Says

The Biloxi-Gulfport and South Mississippi Sun Herald published an interesting article yesterday on the topic of motivations for embezzlers. The region has reportedly suffered a "rash" of large embezzlement cases in recent years. The article which quotes various experts suggests that if someone has the characteristics illustrated by the three sides of the “fraud triangle” — opportunity, pressure and rationalization -- then that person has the propensity for embezzlement. Further, envy and a "sense of entitlement" add to the embezzlement risk. The economy also has something to do with it, according to the article. In the down economy, more people are willing to steal from their employers. However, since these cases sometimes last for years, the uptick in cases will be felt in the course of the next few years, stemming from a recession that began in late 2007. The article also asserts: "Embezzlers fit no specific profile, experts say." We disagree, as our annual reports on embezzlement have shown.

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