Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update: New Mexico Man Avoids Criminal Trial After Alleged $140K Embezzlement & Arson

Martin Glen Pyke, 44, of Socorro, New Mexico, reached an agreement with authorities to enter into a Pre-Prosecution Diversion program after he was accused of embezzling nearly $140,000 from the Fraternal Order of Eagles Club of Socorro where he had been served as gaming manager. Pyke allegedly set fire to the building in an attempt to cover up the thefts. Pyke allegedly misappropriated from the club from June 2005 until March 3, 2006, when he reportedly attempted to burn it down. As part of the agreement, Pyke must pay $137,828.55 in restitution and must maintain undisclosed terms of a probation. He was originally charged in February 2009 with eight felony embezzlement counts, one second-degree count of arson, two third-degree felony tampering with evidence charges and eight fourth-degree felony reporting and record violations related to gaming machines at the club. Pyke reportedly has a history of financial problems and a gambling habit.

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