Thursday, November 4, 2010

Former Pennsylvania Rape Center Director Indicted For Alleged $100K Embezzlement

Mary Beth Semerod, 55, of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, was indicted on charges she embezzled some $100,000 from the Schuylkill County Rape and Victim Assistance Center where she had served as executive director. According to the indictment, Semerod misappropriated the funds over a 2 year period from June 2006 until June 2008. The center has since been closed down and Semerod resigned in August 2008 after failing to comply with audit requirements, after serving as its director of 35 years.

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Update (6/5/12): Semerod, now 57, has been sentenced to 2 years in prison.  She must also make restitution in the amount of $205,883.52. 

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Anonymous said...

That's 25 years, not 35.