Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update: Missouri Woman Sentenced For $825K Embezzlement Scheme

Shanna M. Hutchens, 37, of Blue Springs, Missouri, was sentenced 46 months in prison for embezzling $824,394 from Richardson Hauling Inc., where she had been employed as a bookkeeper. According to authorities, Hutchens issued some 242 fraudulent checks to herself, forging signatures of the company's owners, over a nearly four year period, between December 2004 and October 2008. Hutchens, who was indicted in July 2009 on four felony counts and seeking criminal forfeiture of monies, pleaded guilty last February to bank fraud and money laundering charges. She was reportedly paid only $11,000 a year for her part-time bookkeeping work.

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Update (12/3/11): Hutchens husband, Thomas D. Hutchens, 41, of Blue Springs, was found guilty of seven counts of money laundering in connection with his wife's embezzlement scheme that bilked nearly $825,000 from Richardson Hauling Inc., where she had worked as a bookkeeper.  He was indicted this past April.

Update (6/25/12): Thomas D. Hutchens was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison for his role in his wife's embezzlement scheme.

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