Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Former Missouri Bookkeeper Indicted On Charges She Embezzled $380K

Sherri Berry, 49, of Ballwin, Missouri, was indicted on charges she embezzled $379,500 from an unnamed company where she had been employed as a bookkeeper. According to the indictment, Berry wrote at least 144 unauthorized checks to herself from company accounts. The scheme spanned nearly four years from February 2004 to December 2007. The indictment also alleges Berry attempted to evade income taxes for the same period. Our research reveals that Berry was employed at Pernikoff Construction Company based in St. Louis, from approximately 2000 until April 2008.

Read the story here.

Update (9/15/11): Berry, now 50, pleaded guilty to bank fraud and tax evasion and has been sentenced to 366 days in jail.

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