Monday, December 20, 2010

Michigan Man Charged With Embezzling More Than $100K From Wine Seller

Dan "Danny" Collins, 45, of Dowagiac, Michigan, has been arrested on charges he embezzled more than $100,000 from Nate Wines, Inc., a local wine seller here he had been employed as a salesman. According to authorities, Collins scheme, which has not been revealed, spanned more than four years from mid-2006 until November 2010.

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Update (10/10/11): Collins, now 46, has been sentenced to 3 to 20 years in prison and must make full restitution for embezzling what is now reported to be $231,000 from Nate Wines, Inc.  Authorities alleged that Collins stole inventory from the company and sold it to others, pocketing the revenue, over a three year period.

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His sentencing was today, I'm still looking into it, if you have anyword please post!!