Thursday, December 9, 2010

Former New Jersey College Staffer Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $500+K

Shaunette P. Ruffin-Moody, 48, of Jersey City, New Jersey, pleaded guilty today to charges she embezzled some $502,000 from New Jersey City University where she had been employed as office manager for the institution's student government organization. According to authorities, Ruffin-Moody conspired with her husband, Alexander A. Moody, 51, to issue at least 219 unauthorized checks to herself, her husband and three others. Ruffin-Moody plead guilty to felony charges of embezzlement and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. She has been suspended without pay from her position since earlier this year and also faces state charges of conspiracy, official misconduct, theft by deception, and forgery. Sentencing is scheduled for March 24, 2011.

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William Dusenberry said...

The previous president of New Jersey City State University (NJCU) admitted, in federal court, in September 2011, that he had used fraudulent academic credentials -- to become NJCU's president. (testimony available)

Governor Christie (while he was still the US Attorney for New Jersey -- Spring 2006) was provided proof of such fraud; Christie had jurisdiction -- because NJCU receives federal funding. (supporting document (letter) --- available)

The NJCU Board of Trustees had been provided proof -- of the NJCU President's fraud -- as early as 1998; however, the NJCU Board was "most-likely" involved with this fraud (and resulting "cover-up") since the early 1980's (supporting documentation available).

In the winter of 2006, then New Jersey Governor Corzine -- arranged with the NJCU Administration -- to "implant" a New Jersey Deputy Attorney General -- in the NJCU Administration -- directly in the NJCU President's Office.

His responsibility -- to cover-up the academic credential fraud -- by the NJCU President; and to "investigate" (harass) NJCU faculty members who were trying to expose the NJCU President's fraud.

The retired NJCU President -- held a second full time job -- during the last ten years before he was finally exposed for fraud. He made more at this second job -- than he did as NJCU's president. ($280,000) And the NJCU Board allowed this -- even though NJCU's students failed to graduate at the highest level in the USA.

This President was allowed to work one more year -- after his federal court confession of fraud. He now receives about a $210,000 pension -- and still works as a Director for Provident Securities.

Meanwhile, a NJCU Professor, who the Deputy Attorney General used to intimidate the NJCU faculty member who had proved that the NJCU President had committed fraud (by charging this professor with having violated the "Civil Rights" of another NJCU professor) -- now only "works" six hours per week -- 30 weeks a year -- comes to NJCU two days a week -- and for this he is paid more than $90,000 (about $1500 per hour.)

Want the entire story -- including proof that Christie is still trying to coverup this fraud up -- let me know.