Thursday, October 31, 2013

Private investigator offers a long look at love

From WickedLocal on 10.31.13:

After 30 years working as a private investigator in the corporate world, Wellesley resident Chris Marquet is expanding his business into the romance sector.  He admits, though, that there’s little romance that comes with work that involves taking a long, hard look into the backgrounds of potential suitors.

"It’s more self preservation," Marquet said of his new service:, which offers in-depth analysis of clients’ significant others. "It’s geared toward people that want to protect their assets, interests or loved ones."


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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Massive $20 Million Embezzlement Alleged In Chicago

See Crain's Chicago Business article today, "The $20 million fraud scheme that almost never ended."   Husband and wife doctors allege that their bank, Devon Bank, turned a "blind eye" to a conspiracy that allowed two employees to embezzle some $20 million from their medical practice over a period of about 21 years.  The two former employees, also named as defendants in the suit, are identified as Irina Nakhshin and Inna Koganshats

Wow.  Developing...

Monday, October 28, 2013

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Wave of embezzlement cases hits St. Louis region

The St. Louis Post Dispatch published an article today entitled, "Wave of embezzlement cases hits St. Louis region," featuring Marquet International, as excerpted from the article:

... But “St. Louis isn’t alone,” said Chris Marquet, head of corporate investigations firm Marquet International in Wellesley, Mass. Cases of white collar fraud appear to be rising across the country, Marquet said.

While no one maintains a comprehensive database of employee fraud cases, an annual study by Marquet International of major embezzlement cases found that 2012 “was a blockbuster year for employee theft in the United States, accelerating over the shocking pace set over the past couple of years.”

Marquet said he expects the pace to increase in 2013.

The 2012 study found 528 major embezzlement cases, defined as thefts totaling more than $100,000. That was an 11 percent increase from 2011...

Some were greedy, Marquet said. Some had gambling addictions. In many cases, the weak economy seemed to act as a driving force behind these crimes, leading employees to stretch across criminal lines to make ends meet or sustain a lifestyle beyond their means.

“Some perpetrators came to believe they were owed this money or they deserved this money,” Marquet said.....

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Washington Post: Inside the hidden world of thefts, scams and phantom purchases at the nation's nonprofits

The Washington Post published an above-the-fold article entitled, Inside the hidden world of thefts, scams and phantom purchases at the nation's nonprofits, which is quite thorough and illuminating.  It also happens to include a reference to the 2012 Marquet Report on Embezzlement with an appropriate quote from yours truly.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Check Out Your Partner Launched By Marquet International, Ltd.


For Immediate Release


Karen White, Vice President of Administration

Marquet International launches – offering exclusive matrimonial investigations and screening service focused on significant others

Boston – October 7, 2013 – Marquet International Ltd. announced today that it has launched, a website through which it offers a battery of matrimonial investigations service along with a background screening service for high net-worth individuals seeking to learn more about the track records, backgrounds and histories of potential spouses and significant others.

Chris Marquet, CEO of Marquet International commented, “Since 2007 we have provided high-end matrimonial investigations and due diligence services to exclusive consumers on an ad hoc basis.  With CheckOutYourPartner, we have now codified the services as a distinct offering for our valued non-commercial clients.”

In matrimonial dispute cases, CheckOutYourPartner provides a range of investigative services, including:

·         Verifying, determining & documenting fidelity issues;

·         Identifying and documenting personal problems and vices;

·         Assessing and tracing assets;

·         Financial investigations and separation analysis;

·         Computer forensic analysis;

·         Developing evidence;

·         Providing ongoing stationary and mobile monitoring;

·         Risk and threat assessments;

·         Documenting abuse;

·         Providing protective security and consulting; and,

·         Witness development. 

KnowYourParnter also provides a high level vetting service of potential spouses and significant others in response to the explosion of online dating activity in the US.  “If they do it at all, online dating services do not do an adequate job of screening their members for serious issues such as criminal histories, financial problems and other risk factors.  CheckOutYourPartner assists a discerning clientele with the vetting process in order to align hearts with minds.”

Unlike the many online database information aggregators purporting to provide “background investigations,” CheckOutYourPartner offers “hand crafted” professional investigative services for clients seeking thorough, verified and accurate information obtained in a legal and discreet manner.  “These days there is a tremendous amount of information out there online – much of which is irrelevant or inaccurate – which has to be sifted through.  Nevertheless, this must be augmented with more traditional fact finding methods as there is no substitute for boots on the ground,” said Marquet.

* * * * *

About CheckOutYourPartner

CheckOutYourPartner is an exclusive screening and investigative service for discerning consumer clients seeking to discreetly learn more about the backgrounds and track records of spouses, potential spouses and significant others.  CheckOutYourPartner experts also provide a wide range of matrimonial dispute investigative services, including verifying, determining & documenting fidelity issues; identifying and documenting personal problems and vices; assessing assets; conducting financial investigations; providing computer forensic analysis; developing evidence; ongoing stationary and mobile monitoring; risk and threat assessments; protective & security consulting services, documenting abuse; and witness development.  For more information, go to

About Marquet international Ltd.

Marquet International is a professional business investigations, due diligence, litigation support and security consulting firm, based in Boston.  Led by 30-year veteran industry expert, Chris Marquet, the firm provides Corporate Intelligence & Due Diligence services in corporate transactions and to vet key personnel; Litigation Support and Corporate Investigation services on behalf of general counsel and law firms representing clients in matters involving fraud and employee misconduct, intellectual property disputes, hostile takeovers, asset recovery, electronic evidence and forensic accounting; and a range of Security Consulting Services.  For more information, go to