Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Chris Marquet Joins Veritas Assurance Partners

Effective January 1, 2020, following the sale of SunBlock Systems, I am excited to share the news that I have become a full Partner of Veritas Assurance Partners, an international risk consulting and investigative firm based in Miami.  I will be continuing my investigative, integrity due diligence & litigation support services as I have done with Marquet International since 2006.  Veritas Assurance Partners was founded in 2010 by two outstanding professionals in the risk and investigations space, Billy Marlin, a financial investigator with a specialty in Latin American projects whom I have known since my days at Kroll Associates; and Manny Supervielle, a retired Colonel in the US Army JAG Corps, who now advises companies operating in high risk countries in the Middle East and failed states around the globe.  With my expertise in North America, Europe and Africa, our combination enhances an already first-class risk and investigations consultancy for the legal community, multinational companies, investment firms and government agencies.  My contact information with Marquet International will remain in effect, but can also be reached at  For more information, visit and