Friday, November 22, 2013

A Busy Day For Embezzlement In The US Yesterday

Lots of Major embezzlement cases in the news yesterday:
North Carolina Fire official helps himself to $269,000 in municipal funds:

Office manager for medical clinic in Kansas gets “at least $130,000” and maybe as much as $182,000: 

Former Connecticut Tribal exec get only 18 months for embezzling $100,000:

Secretary from Anchorage high school district steals $135,000 in the "largest heist ever" impacting the Anchorage school district:

Texas man is 5th to plead guilty to conspiracy in diversion of $133 million intended for payroll taxes: 

Michigan woman pleads guilty to embezzling $148,000 from political consulting firm: 

Former law enforcement official and his wife charged with embezzling over $100,000 from fire department in upstate New York:

Former athletic director for the Tulsa, Oklahoma public school system receives only 7 months for embezzling $92,000: 

Court administrator in Missouri pleads guilty to embezzling about $140,000 in public funds: