Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tennessee Couple Charged With Embezzling More Than $550K From Pharmacy

Kenneth J. Campbell and Glenna R. Campbell, a couple residing in McMinnville, Tennessee have been charged with embezzling some $553,000 from the Stewart Pharmacy where Glenna Campbell had been employed as a bookkeeper and office manager for 25 years. Authorities allege that Glenna stole money orders, large sums of cash, made fraudulent credit card charges and deposited fraudulent payroll checks. Most of the thefts reportedly occurred in 2009, although the misappropriations date as far back as 2002. Glenna was fired last July after security cameras apparently caught her stuffing cash into her purse. Kenneth Campbell presumably aided and abetted Glenna and benefited from her misappropriations.

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Update (11/4/10): Glenna Campbell was convicted by a jury on one count of wire fraud, six counts of mail fraud and one count of money laundering. She was acquitted on two of the original charges. Her husband, Kenneth Campbell was acquitted on all 10 counts.


Anonymous said...

any update on the sentence

Chris Marquet said...

I have not seen anything.

Anonymous said...

Sentenced on March 21 to 41 months in prison and 3 years probation.