Saturday, April 23, 2011

Florida Woman Who Embezzled Nearly $650K Claimed She Had Cancer To Deflect Scrutiny

Kelly Lisa Duncan, 46, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recently plead guilty to embezzling $647,799 from the Imperial Point Animal Hospital's Veterinarian Management Associates Inc., where she had been employed as an office manager. According to authorities, Duncan issued payroll checks "to non-existent employees and issuing second payroll checks to employees, which she later cashed at a local bank, using the money for her own benefit." Testimony given in the case by business owner and veterinarian Robert Buzzetti reveals that for three years Duncan claimed to have cancer in order to deflect scrutiny of the books and records she was charged with maintaining. Prosecutors allege that Duncan, over a period of nearly 7 years, from December 2004 to October 2010, siphoned funds from the business. Duncan was sentenced to 41 months in prison - the maximum allowable - for the one count of mail fraud to which she plead guilty.

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Anonymous said...

I worked at Imperial Point Animal Hosp until December of 2010. I was and still am upset over what happened. I always thought of Kelly as an honest and caring person. I know she did wrong by stealing. But Kelly had & maybe still does have a caring heart. She always helped us employee out. Talking to us when we had personal issues and so forth.. She also has an overwhelming desire to rescue and help care for animals who are sick & homeless. I have to admit that even though she did wrong by stealing, that i miss having her to talk to and call when i get upset or sad. There is two sides to kelly lisa duncan. And it's too bad that the good, caring side of her might be forgotten as time passes.

Anonymous said...

She is not a kind and caring person, this is all a ruse to manipulate people. She can destroy anyone in her path with her lies and thievery. She is not kind and caring she is a pathologic hoarder!!! A pathologic liar and thief.