Monday, February 20, 2012

Former Executive Director Of California-Based Charity Accused Of Embezzling More Than $133K

Officials of Carol's Kitchen, a Calimesa, California-based charity has accused its former executive director, Jim McConnell, of embezzling $133,700 from the non-profit.  McConnell has not been charged criminally.  However, Carol's Kitchen issued a press release accusing McConnell of "embezzling and misappropriating funds, stealing corporate assets and mismanagement" based upon a forensic accounting review of the books and records.  The alleged misappropriations may have spanned as long as 5 years, beginning in January 2006 when McConnell was hired and continuing through 2011 when he was fired for alleged financial improprieties.

Read the story here.

Hat tip: FraudTalk reader Joe.

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