Thursday, February 9, 2012

Washington State Police Officer Charged With Embezzling $151K From Fallen Officer's Fund

Skeeter Timothy Manos, 34, of DuPont, Washington, has been charged with embezzling $151,000 from the nonprofit Lakewood Police Independent Guild, a fund to benefit the families of 4 Lakewood Police officers who were killed in November 2009.  According to authorities, Manos set up a secret bank account into which donations were deposited and then used to pay for his personal expenses, including airlines tickets to Las Vegas, and for cash withdrawals at various casinos.  At least $120,000 of the misappropriated funds were spent in this manner.  Manos' scheme spanned an undisclosed period of time.  Manos has reportedly had a history of financial problems.

Read the story here and here.

Update (7/1/12): Manos was sentenced to 33 months in prison and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $159,000. 

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