Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Former Wyoming Hospital Exec Accused Of Embezzling Nearly $850K

Paul Cardwell, currently believed to be living in Thailand, has been accused in a civil lawsuit of embezzling about $848,000 from Powell Valley Healthcare, of Powell, Wyoming, where he had been employed as CEO through its management company, HealthTech Management Services Inc.  According to the lawsuit, over a six month period last year, Cardwell authorized the funds to pay for recruitment of physicians to the hospital.  Instead, the monies were actually sent to a “straw company” set up by an Indiana-based acquaintance of Cardwell’s that did no legitimate work and kicked back a “substantial” amount to Cardwell via electronic transfers.


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Update (9/6/12): Cardwell has vanished, just 3 weeks prior to the start of his trial and authorities have issued an arrest warrant for him.

Update (5/4/13): Michael J. Plake, 47, of West Lafayette, Indiana, is scheduled to be sentenced after pleading guilty to his role in the theft of what is now understood to be $1.65 million from Powell Valley Healthcare.  According to prosecutors, Cardwell arranged payments to Plake’s medical recuitment company, Plake and Associates, which was never conducted.  Plake allegedly kicked back a percentage of the fees to Cardwell via overseas wire transfers.  Cardwell and Plake also allegedly created phony recruitment agreements and invoices to cover up their thefts.


Anonymous said...

Someone should also investigate his activities in Monticello, Indiana at the White County Memorial Hospital!!

Anonymous said...

He is under investigation there and odds are, there will be "irregularities" found.

The problem is, he has fled to Thailand. While the US and Thailand have extradition treaties, in order to be enforced, a ream of paperwork must be submitted including a statement of facts surrounding the case, a statement of law showing that the alleged offense would result in imprisonment of at least a year, and identity documents. And those items must be deemed acceptable by Thai government officials. All of that takes time...enough time for him to take up residence in a country where no extradition treaty exists.