Monday, February 20, 2012

Missouri Manufacturing Company Alleges Office Manager Embezzled $2.7 Million

Kansas City Screw Products Inc., of Kansas City, Missouri, has filed a civil action alleging that its longtime office manager, Laura J. DeJong, 53, of Liberty, Missouri, embezzled nearly $2.7 million from the company.  The lawsuit also names DeJong's husband, Craig M. DeJong, 54, also of Liberty, MO, as a defendant.  The complaint alleged that DeJong had engaged in a fraudulent check writing and check kiting scheme to defraud the company of a total of $2,679,227.16.  The scheme allegedly began as far back as 2003 and continued through October 2010.  Media reports indicate that DeJong has been interviewed by the FBI, but no criminal charges have yet been filed.  Company corporate counsel described Dejong as “a trusted employee. She was darn near a member of the family,” according to media reports.

Read the story here and here.

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